Postgraduate Student Research

I am currently supervising postgraduate research on corporate law, electronic law and various aspects of Intellectual Property including the protection of traditional knowledge, regulation of collecting societies and facilitating inclusive innovation.

The following dissertations and theses have been completed under my supervision or co-supervision. Where available, a download link from OpenUCT is provided.


  • Okorie, Chijioke I ‘Open and freemium music business models in Africa – Copyright and competition consequences’ PhD
  • Gumbi, Dumisani ‘Understanding the threat of cybercrime: A comparative study of cybercrime and the ICT legislative frameworks of South Africa, Kenya, India, the United States and the United Kingdom’ LLM


  • Kritzinger, Julian P ‘Commercial arbitration in cyberspace: the legal and technical requirements towards a more effective Lex Electronica Arbitralis’ PhD






  • Botha,Ruan Werner ‘The patentability of mobile applications in Africa: an evaluation of Kenyan and South African jurisdictions’ LLM
  • Bradstreet, Richard S ‘Defining the Limits of Business Method Patent Eligibility in the United States: “When All Else Fails, Consult the Statute’ PG Diploma
  • Motsi, Dorcas Gracious ‘Towards a corporate governance regime: An analysis of the remuneration packages of CEOs of Zimbabwean parastatal bodies’ LLM
  • Papaya, Rezen ‘Business Rescue: Private equity as an avenue for post-commencement financing and business rescue practitioners’ LLM
  • Rohlfing, Stephanie ‘Legal Aspects of “Used Software” In Germany’ LLM




  •  Matshe, Chipo  ‘The case for the chinese wall defence to insider trading in South African law’ LLM, 2008
  • Malama, Thomas ‘Independence of the Telecommunications Regulator – A Comparison Of South Africa, Zambia And Uganda’ LLM